About Prints Charming

Prints-Charming-TorontoPrints Charming has been a staple in the Roncesvalles Village for people seeking custom art and framing since its inception in 1999.

Situated in High Park, Prints Charming is at the heart of one of Toronto’s cultural hubs, drawing in people from all walks of life, from professional photographers and interior designers to local families and businesses in need of custom art and frames. Regardless of your specific goals, our staff are well-equipped to answer your questions, offer suggestions and carry out your requests.

Our Products

Basic Wood Frames: Flat Black Wood, Box Black Wood, Flat Walnut Wood, Box Walnut Wood, Flat Mocha Wood, Box Mocha Wood, Flat Cherry Wood, Box Cherry Wood, Flat Charcoal Wood, Box Charcoal Wood, Flat Natural Basswood, Box Natural Basswood, Flat White Wood, Box White Wood.

Barnwood Frames: Natural Barnwood Frame, Natural Barnwood, Natural Barnwood With Cap, Natural Barnwood With Cap, Whitewashed Barnwood, Whitewashed Barnwood, Whitewashed Barnwood With Cap, Whitewashed Barnwood With Cap.

Metal Frames: Black Aluminum, Wide Black Aluminum, Silver Aluminum, Wide Silver Aluminum, Copper Aluminum, Wide Copper Aluminum, Gold Aluminum, Wide Gold Aluminum, Dark Pewter Aluminum, Wide Dark Pewter Aluminum, Light Pewter Aluminum, Wide Light Pewter Aluminum.

Rustic and Modern Frames: Rustic Black Wood, Rustic Walnut Wood, Silver Modern, Gold Modern.

Gallery Frames: Gold Classical, Silver Classical, Bronze Scoop Wood, Gold Scoop Wood, Pewter Scoop Wood, Black Scoop Wood, Black Block.