COVID-19 Custom Art Framing | Toronto Picture Framing Company

Get your printing and custom framing done despite covid -19 with Prints Charming.

Here is how..

Option 1: All Digital

Send us your digital file via email along with a brief description of the look you are going for. You can also choose one of three framing styles listed bellow. ie traditional/ornate , simple/clean/contemporary or extravagant and bold.

Once you’ve selected one of the three styles of framing, we will respond with framing options and pricing for your approval.

Once we have order confirmation, we will print, custom frame and deliver your art to your door. You can also request for installation upon delivery.

Option 2: In home

We come to you!

Just fill out the quote form on our website along with a brief description of what you are looking to frame. Request for in home consultation and we will bring all necessary samples for selections directly to your home. This gives you added confidence with your selections by allowing you to see if the colour scheme and style resonates with your current home decor. Once selections are complete, we will pickup your art, take it back to our headquarters for framing and deliver back to your home once complete. You can also request for installation upon delivery.

Option 3: Drop off

Simply drop off your art at a location near you and confirm your order in person. It’s best to call and book an appointment in this scenario so we can make sure we never service two customers in our premises at the same time. Pick up or request for drop off once complete. You can also request for installation upon delivery.

During these challenging times, Prints Charming remains committed to our valued customers in providing a safe, hassle free and enjoyable way to still tackle your art needs. After all, what better time to enjoy your artwork than now while we’re all being asked to stay home.

On behalf of Prints Charming, stay safe, keep positive and we’ll make it through this together.