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Looking to get your picture, painting or photo framed? Prints Charming is here to help! Whether you want framing for historical, traditional or competition/exhibition needs, we got you covered.

Conservation of Fine Arts is an important aspect of our framing process. Prints Charming is a full service framing store located in Toronto with competitive prices and quality services. All the work is done on our premises ensuring specialized workmanship. Rush hour orders are available!

If you have special concerns or requests, please feel free to contact us.


Toronto Custom Framing | Painting Frames | Frame Mouldings | Arts

We believe a frame should complete a piece of art, that why our expert frame designer will assist you in the right selection framing material and will provide you with different approaches to showcase your piece in a way that maintains the dignity of the medium, whether it is oil, acrylic, watercolor or pastel.

Our collaborative process to define why certain colors, spacers and frames are more attractive than the others and what is more noticeable is going to help you select the right frame, print and material.

Apart from framing, we also offer great variety of prints, posters (printing services) and mirrors for your home and office. Please feel free to visit our store in Toronto and select the painting, prints, posters and frames of your choice.

We do everything from Printing, Custom Framing for Prints & Photos, Lamination of Pictures, Photos and Paintings, Canvas Transfers, Art Prints and Posters Sale and we even have Event Space Available!


Toronto Custom Framing for Paintings, Arts, Photos, Pictures – Affordable Price

When you choose Prints Charming, you are rest assured that your art will be well taken care of at an affordable price. Talk to us about your art today!